No one work is exactly like another. Works vary in age and condition, they do in size, from the pristine to the highly compromised, and from the postage stamp to the tapestry. High or negligible in monetary value, they can also be personally priceless. Client needs, preferences (and purses) are highly individual, as are the public or private settings and conditions in which works or objects are to be displayed. Such differences require careful consideration. Consultations between the client and SBCF are the essential first step to a successful collaboration.

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Consultations occur by appointment, typically during client business hours, from Monday to Friday. Consultations may be arranged at other times by agreement between the visitor and SBCF. Consultations require approximately 45 to 60 minutes’ time. The initial consultation is free of charge. Subsequent consultations may attract a fee.

Generally, consultations take place at the SBCF showroom, where the full range of materials is held and samples of work can be used as reference during the discussion. Where collections, particularly large works or highly-sensitive artefacts are concerned however, site visits are the rule and readily organised. Please note that off-site visits attract an additional charge to cover travel time and associated costs.

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